Evelyn Tanaka

Evelyn Tanaka


 Climate change is a threat to national security. The World Bank estimates that 143 million people around the world will be on the move due to water scarcity, crop failure and sea level rise. In order to minimize suffering we need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions immediately, transition workers from GHG intense industries to the growing industries that will provide generations of work that is sustainable and profitable, and secure our local food supply.  



100% Renewable Energy

66% of Canada's electricity now comes from renewable sources such as solar, water, and wind (NEB 2017). We're almost there. 100% is not out of reach. However, Alberta is lagging behind because currently only 13% of Alberta’s electricity comes from renewable sources. With some of the best solar and wind resources in Alberta we can make the change.  



Skills Training and Transitioning Workers to the Green Economy

In Canada there are already 50% more jobs in clean energy than in oil and gas and mining combined.  Over 11 million people work in renewable energy and the number is growing. These are impressive numbers, however, compared to other countries Canada is growing more slowly because government and industry are overly focused on the fossil fuels. More investment and support is needed to help workers make the transition to jobs in the green economy. 



Support Small Farmers and Make Local Food Affordable

More than half the food produced by Canadian farmers is lost or wasted in the food supply chain (farmers to factory, farm to grocery store, store to home and home to compost/landfill). 35 million tonnes of food waste produces 56 million tonnes of GHG emissions and costs the average household almost $2,000 per year. At the same time over 4 million Canadians including 1.4 million children struggle to afford healthy food. Food poverty and lack of access to healthy food can be solved by updating grocery systems so stores don’t have to throw out food, ensuring small farms have direct access to consumers, and creating low-cost or pay what you can salvage grocery stores. 



Evelyn Tanaka, nominated candidate for Calgary-Shepard believes in leaving the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.  Let’s be the ancestors our descendants would be proud of and take responsibility for protecting our communities and our environment. We need to focus on protecting Canadian forests, lakes, rivers, grasslands, and tundra. Our local ecosystems are necessary for more than absorbing carbon dioxide, they also clean our water and air and provide food. The Green Party is the only political party that recognizes that a local focus for environmental protection is critical for lessening the impacts of climate change. 

Nature Needs Half

Currently Canada conserves 11.2% of our land and freshwater territory and 7.2% of our ocean territory. These numbers need to increase to 50% of critical areas because undisturbed forests, grasslands, and healthy oceans sequester carbon dioxide and mitigate the effects of climate change. How much of our environment should be protected for our children and grandchildren?  Should we just keep expanding our cities and industries until there's nothing natural left? The Greens believe we should establish a limit now to preserve 50% of all our lands and waters so that there is a firm LINE IN THE SAND!  




Water is Life

Dumping Untreated Wastewater into our lakes, rivers and oceans is still permitted by the current government. This needs to stop. 

Protect the Pollinators That Make Our Province Great

Remember when going on a road trip involved having a windshield covered with insects by the end? Where are all the insects gone?  Bee and insect populations are falling at alarming rates and 40% of all insect species are facing extinction due to pesticides. We need an immediate ban on neonicotinoid pesticides. Almost all our fruit and vegetables require insect pollination and if the bees aren't there to do it, we will pay a heavy price.  Canada needs to act now and ban pesticides containing neonicotinoids.  



It's time to elect a government that best represents our concerns as Canadians.  All three major parties force their members to vote the party line. The Green Party represents you, the voter, allowing their MPs to vote freely.


91% of Canadians want a national pharmacare system (Council of Canadians, May 2017).  In most industrialized nations, pharmacare is part of a universal health care system. Canada and the United States are two countries that force their citizens to pay for lifesaving medications.  This must change.

Proportional Representation

Do you want your vote to count?  In 2015, only 40% of people voted Liberal but they got 54% of the seats in Parliament.  Is this fair? Justin Trudeau PROMISED we would have a fair election in 2019. He broke his promise.  The PCs will not address electoral reform either. Greens say enough is enough. Everyone's vote should be equal.